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About VisBook AS

VisBook AS is a software company with 20 employees and over 700 customers in Norway and abroad. Our main office is located in Kvikne and has 12 employees, while our research office with its 7 employees is located in Oppdal. We are cooperating with a Sweden-based sales consultant, and we have a subsidiary company in Germany, VisBook GmBh.

VisBook AS develops, manages, distributes and provides training/support for VisBook, our online booking and administration system. Our solutions do not require companies to have their own servers, and they have no limits in terms of the number of work stations or users.

VisBook AS provided public online booking from an early stage; our solutions were already available on our customer's websites in 1998. Our services have been based on real-time communication since the beginning, reducing the amount of necessary maintenance for our customers.

VisBook assists with every business process in our customer's operations. Our solutions will support you, as the host, throughout the entire process of your guests' stay – from booking to checkout – allowing you to focus on providing them with the service and hospitality they expect. When your guests have checked out, VisBook delivers all the solutions you need for billing, payment and accounting.

We have provided our customers with solutions since 1995, and together we have developed VisBook into the quality service it is today.

The history of VisBook

In the early 90's, farmer and camping host Kåre Mjøen was looking for an administrative booking solution that would allow him to keep all the information in one place. This would allow him to provide better service for his guests, and give him a better overview to reduce the time spent on documentation and accounting. When his search proved fruitless, Kåre decided to create his own solution.

In 1995, Kåre and programmer Øystein Selbekk established the company Reiseliv Data DA, aiming to develop a booking and administration solution for tourism companies.

Among their first customers were Tynset Hotel and Kvikne Camping. We have since changed our name to VisBook AS, and both founders are still owners contributing to the continued growth of the company.

Øystein Selbekk and Kåre Mjøen

A CD from 'back in the days' when VisBook was known as "Reiseliv Data" and the product was "Visual Booking"