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VisBook Publish

VisBook Publish provides a complete website with integrated real-time booking, a contact form with customer import, and possibilities for e-pay and automatic billing for full or partial payment. It can be used for accommodation booking, on standard and/or unit level, as well as activity booking, and you have every option with regard to additional services, discounts and web rates.

Some of what VisBook Publish includes:

  • Hosting
    • Your website is stored on a secure and stable server in Norway
  • Website
    • Complete website
    • No limitations of number of pages, contents, etc.
  • CMS
    • A user friendly system to ease website administration and save time
  • Web booking
    • Fully integrated booking
    • Choose which units are available on the website, and to which rates.
  • Easy content editing
    • All information regarding booking, rates, units (text/images), etc. can be edited in VisBook – you do not have to log on to the website.
    • You can easily make changes to the website. Just log on, go to the page you want to change and click |Change| – easy, right?
  • Support
    • The same great support you have for VisBook
  • Courses
    • Courses are part of the package, and you can choose training by phone or in our facilities (travel/hospitality not included)
The design and layout is up to you – use an external design agency or ask us to create suggestions based on your current website.

Sosiale media og kundekontakt

Using a third party, you can get a chat feature on your website.

Feel free to contact us here to see how it works.

The system is compatible with PC and Mac, tablets/iPad and mobile phones – for you and for your guests. You can respond to requests when you are on the go, using our app (available for Android/iPhone).

Are you active on Facebook, or do you want to be? Publish facilitates great (one way) integration. This means that we can collect information from Facebook and add it to the website – as a Facebook feed, a website newsfeed, etc.

An example from VisitNorway.no's facebook page:

Comment section connected to the website – one code for the entire website or different sections for each subpage.

We can collect images from Instagram in two different ways:

Show most recently tagged images (e.g. #norway
Show most recent images from a user (e.g. @visitnorway)
Try it you self. Tag an Instagram post with "#PublishDemo" and reload this page.
You can easily add Twitter's own widget to your page

This allows you to easily set up a feed with tweets collected from users, keywords, lists, etc. The example below uses the keyword "visitnorway". Read more on twitter.com.

You have probably noticed that most websites have "Share" or "Follow us" buttons from Facebook, Twitter, etc. These are of course also available with us.

* This example is just one of many.