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VisBook Hotel Chain System

Companies that do not have VisBook are assigned a username and password online to retrieve their occupancy from bookings by the hotel chain and the public.

The VisBook Hotel Chain System is tailored for hotel chains.
Operators/vendors are assigned user rights with their own username and password.
Detailed reconciliation reports between company and vendor.

Sales report by date with corresponding numbers from previous years

The VisBook Hotel Chain System is a booking system with the same features as VisBook Hotel and VisBook Camping.

VisBook Publish establishes a connection between companies for publishing and booking, see references >>

Some of our Chain System customers

Classic Hotels



Visbook has been P-Hotel's key partner since we started in 2003, P-Hotels is of the opinion that they have upgraded and developed into a complete system that handles both the hotel and restaurant industry in an excellent manner.