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Focus on your guests' experience while we handle the administration. VisBook has supported hospitality brands by managing their daily operations since 1995. Our extensive portfolio consists of a wide range of customers based in the Nordic countries, Europe and abroad. As a hospitality system provider, we take pride in an open and innovative business culture. Our system is continuously evolving based on real-time communication and feedback from you. VisBook integrates all parts of your hotel – such as booking, housekeeping, spa, restaurant and accounting – into one user-friendly and scalable system.






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Our story – how it all began...

VisBook’s story started in the 1990's when software developer Øystein Selbekk and camping resort owner Kåre Mjøen created a booking system to facilitate management at Kvikne Camping.
"Kåre was looking for a user-friendly system that could make everyday work life more efficient, so I began to design the software to solve this," says Øystein.

In 1995 they began working together with their new company Reiselivsdata, focusing on the hospitality industry. Kåre had the industry experience and Øystein had the technical know-how.
"We started to create cloud services as early as 1998, 15 years before everyone else – being pioneers in this endeavour was both challenging and exciting", continues Øystein.

The booking system was built steadily and methodically to ensure stability upon release. After some time, the company's name was changed to VisBook, to symbolise 'visual booking', a cornerstone of the company's philosophy. It wasn't long before we began to understand the key issues that the hospitality industry was facing:
"We noticed that the people in the hotel industry were very creative, but were also in great need of suitable technical support to make their ideas more effective", says Øystein.

Øystein and Kåre created a vision for a system that would help any hospitality business no matter what level of technical or economical experience the customer possessed.
"We chose client-based software over a web-based option. This allows for easy adaptations to the user interface, and provides the best quality on mobile platforms", adds Øystein.

In 2012 VisBook expanded the business to Sweden. Today VisBook serves customers throughout a vast hotel community in each of the Nordic countries, Europe and abroad. With its extensive functionality, customer-focused support, ease-of-use, and broad integration possibilities, VisBook has achieved a leading position in the PMS market, with more than 900 customers.
"We have chosen to focus on user-friendliness and simplifying complicated processes. This gives you, our customers, the best possible results and performance", concludes Øystein.

VisBook looks towards the future with a constant vision of keeping the technology simple, emphasizing user-friendliness, and making advanced innovations for the benefits of our customers. Our goal is to relieve you of time-consuming administration, and provide you with more time for the fun parts of the hospitality business. Less Admin. More Fun.

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