Point of Sale (POS)

Connect your shop or restaurant with seamless integrations and quick implementation. Optimize your POS procedures and speed up your daily sales operations. To ease your business, VisBook is equipped with an easy to use cash register system, which is ideal for restaurants, bars, catering and merchandise sales. This makes it a pleasure to create stylish and effective cash registers customized for your business and its different departments. VisBook’s POS solution also includes inventory control, which is optimal when you want to know when it’s time to order without any hassle – the system will tell you when your inventory is low.

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    Easy allocation of sales stations

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    Assign bills to guests' rooms

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    Automatic reminders when it is time to re-stock

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A selection of our features

VisBook Direct Booking Engine

Increase your direct bookings with a modern, tailored online booking framework from VisBook

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Booking & Check-in

Enjoy fast and super-easy booking and check-in for happier guests.

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Have complete control of your entire hotel chain or hospitality group