Spa Management

With VisBook, your spa business is seamlessly connected to the rest of your hotel. This makes it easy to book full packages – accommodation, dinner, spa, treatments – through a system that is plugged into each of your different departments. This allows you to manage the capacity of treatments, rituals and day spas as well as the available therapists and treatment rooms. Schedule your spa therapists according to which treatments they can perform, and book treatments based on each treatment room’s amenities.

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    Booking of spa treatments, rituals and day spas

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    Capacity management of therapists and treatment rooms, integrated with therapists' proficiencies and each room's capabilities

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    Capacity management of treatments, rituals and day spas

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    Resource management of therapists, allowing you to create printable schedules directly in VisBook

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Managing a spa has never been more fun!

A selection of our features


Time-effective scheduling software that incorporates all of your meeting resources



All relevant customer information is included in the PMS.


Housekeeping & Janitorial

Follow your hospitality in real-time with a smooth connection between housekeeping and reception.

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