Booking & Check-in

With VisBook, you can easily manage the booking of rooms, conference rooms, parking, bicycles or any other activities that your guests enjoy. You can easily check your guests in and out with one simple click.

A popular function in VisBook is that you can easily create packages as all your resources and capacity are organized in one system. When your guest makes a conference booking with an overnight stay, a dinner, a spa treatment and an activity – all of this information is easily accessible to you. Furthermore, each department effortlessly gets the information they need to deliver a fantastic guest experience.

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    Simple and informative lists

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    Flexible and visually strong experience with drag-and-drop

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    Fully-tailored based on your organization

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A selection of our features

Housekeeping & Janitorial

Follow your hospitality in real-time with a smooth connection between housekeeping and reception.

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Have complete control of your entire hotel chain or hospitality group


VisBook Portable

Your new favorite management tool provides total control right on your smartphone.

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