Save time with VisBook PMS

Posted on: 20/03/23

Save time with VisBook PMS

Streamline your business with VisBook’s Property Management System.

Have you ever wished you could free up more time in the day in order to do what feels important to you? We know that running a hotel takes a lot of work – from managing bookings to cleaning rooms or interacting with guests. Time flies! By using Visbook PMS, you can save time and therefore dedicate more time to fun activities and to creating memorable moments for your guests. Here are five examples of how VisBook PMS can help your hotel save time:

  1. Manage everything from one place

Manage everything from one central platform; in VisBook you can manage everything from bookings, restaurants, spa, housekeeping and maintenance to payments and reporting from one and the same place. This saves time and reduces the risk of inaccuracies and duplication of effort. Additionally, your employees can easily communicate through the system and thereby provide the conditions for a personalised guest experience.

  1. Manage payments easily

Visbook PMS can be integrated with several payment services, making it easy and convenient to manage payments. By managing payments in a central place, you can save time and avoid incorrect payments, which would otherwise have taken up a lot of administrative time.

  1. Manage cleaning and maintenance

Write a personalised note, a fruit basket, fold a napkin into a swan – yes, the list of possibilities is long when there is time. By using our easy and user-friendly app, you can schedule cleaning and maintenance automatically, which saves time and ensures everything gets done on time.

  1. Get insights with real-time reporting

Visbook PMS provides real-time reporting and analytics, giving you insights into how your hotel is performing. By having access to real-time data, you can make informed decisions and adjust your business in order to maximise revenue and lower costs.

  1. Manage group bookings

With VisBook’s event booking, you can create a group booking in a few simple steps, which can include, e.g. accommodation, activities, conference rooms as well as tables in the restaurant.

All in all, VisBook enables you to save time and to improve your hotel management processes in many ways. By automating your booking processes, streamlining your operations, analysing your data and integrating with other systems, you can focus on providing exceptional guest experiences and growing your business. So why not try VisBook PMS today and find out how it can help you save time and increase your profits!

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