Brand new spa add-on!

Posted on: 15/04/20

Brand new spa add-on!

Fellow hoteliers and hotel managers, fear not! VisBook now has a solution for your spa facilities and activities.

We are proud and happy to announce the launch of our brand new spa add-on. The spa is where your guest goes for relaxation and first-class service. Now you can focus on their experience with less admin on your mind.

The new add-on/module is the perfect feature to integrate your spa services with the rest of your hotel operations. Here is a selection of what the new spa-solution can do for you:

  • Booking of Spa treatments, rituals and day spa.
  • Scheduling pre- and post-time for treatments, giving you time to prepare and clear treatment rooms before and after the next guest arrives.
  • Capacity management for treatments, rituals and day spa
  • Capacity management of therapists and treatment rooms, allowing you to manage which treatments specific therapists can perform. Also, you will be able to control which treatments can be performed in each room.
  • Resource management of therapists, meaning that you can set up work schedules for easy printing and distribution.

Are you curious? If you want to get to know VisBook and this awesome new feature better, please book a free demo with our sales team.

Are you an existing VisBook client? Please be aware that our spa add-on is licensed. Contact us for further information and we will be happy to assist.

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