Make your guests spend more

Posted on: 24/02/22

Make your guests spend more

No matter what size the property is or how many rooms you have, there are always opportunities for upselling. Success in the hospitality business is largely affected by the level of customer satisfaction during their stay. By letting the guest experience start before check-in, hotel operators can control the narrative even before the guest arrives.
As in many other cases, communication is key. With pre-stay communications, you can start upselling before the guest has even checked in. Pre-stay emails are an effective way to showcase your services and additional products for upcoming guests. Perhaps you can offer a 20% discount on a romantic three-course dinner to all couples checking in next weekend? The discount may sway them to book a meal they otherwise wouldn’t have had – and an upsale is made!

Here are 6 additional services and products that can help to increase guest satisfaction and generate additional revenue:

Room upgrades – for example, a guest may have booked a standard room for 70 EUR, but the hotel could offer a guest a better room with a view for an additional 15 EUR. At that point, the 15 EUR does not seem that much, thus making the offer appealing.

Packages – diverse packages of amenities for different types of guests, whether it’s a spa weekend or business stay.

Food and beverage – some examples include, amazing breakfast offers, special cocktails, birthday treats or a bottle of wine. These small gestures help to improve guest experience and help to make their stay memorable.

In-room catering – bottle of wine, desserts, or premium minibar.

Leisure activities – hotel guests usually enjoy activities during their stay, either in-house or outside of the property. This is a great opportunity to showcase the activities you offer, along with special discounts for guests. An in-house activity could include a spa day, whilst leisure activities outside of the property could be in a collaboration with a third party, for example, bike rental or a local tour guide.

Vouchers – another great way to upsell is by offering vouchers. Maybe include a voucher in the pre-stay email for a luxurious lunch?


VisBook is proud to partner up with DigitalGuest, a personalized guest platform where hotels can communicate, upsell and offer services to guests before, during, and after their stay. With DigitalGuest you can easily reach guests in the right place at the right time. Guests can access relevant information in a heartbeat and get personalized offers to improve their experience.
DigitalGuest has also created a brand-new feature that will soon be released, showcasing pre-stay upselling within a welcome email. This will allow guests to choose the services or products before they have even entered the platform. And of course, with all the relevant information automatically updated in VisBook PMS.

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