Olarsgården Hotel & Restaurant reaches for new heights with VisBook

Posted on: 20/04/23

Olarsgården Hotel & Restaurant reaches for new heights with VisBook

Olarsgården Hotel, located in the beautiful Sälenfjällen, is one of the oldest hotels in the region, with a long and impressive history. Olarsgården Hotel has existed in Sälen since the 1940s and is a popular destination, both during the winter and the summer, as it is close to ski slopes, cross country tracks and hiking trails as well as facilities which fulfil all wishes.

Ida Johansson is Olarsgården’s newly appointed hotel manager and would like to continue developing the business. As a hotel professional with twenty years’ experience in the industry and a passion for creating unique guest experiences, Ida Johansson was able to identify operational shortcomings and quickly realised that the PMS was a weak link.

Ida Johansson, Hotel Manager at Olarsgården 

Olarsgården has 21 rooms and a restaurant, Elgen. In order to continue to refine operations at the establishment, it is crucial to have a well-functioning PMS. The entire staff should be able to use it, as they work both behind the reception desk and in the restaurant during the same work shift.

Due to the hotel’s extensive history and where it is located, I would like to continue refining operations at the establishment. I want this to be a place to which guests long to return. As a workplace, I want those who work here to enjoy themselves, to develop in their roles, and to have fun at work”, says Ida Johansson.

Olarsgården integrates all facilities into one system with VisBook

Apart from the hotel and the restaurant, Olarsgården has many other facilities to offer, such as a barn with enough room to hold big weddings, two big cottages with up to twenty-four beds and conference rooms; however, these are presently booked in different ways and in different systems. The plan is to integrate all parts of the business into one and the same system, which will facilitate communication between colleagues and therefore reduce waiting times for guests.

“When VisBook told me about their slogan ’Less Admin, More Fun’, I felt that this is exactly what we need “, says Ida.

Olarsgården during summer 

Apart from VisBook, Olarsgården will implement a loyalty programme and a rate management system, such as Price My Hotel Room and Loyall, which they are really looking forward to. With kick-off during 2023, Ida hopes that it will become easier for them to create packages and to adjust prices, as they have many visitors throughout the year. We at VisBook look forward to being a part of Olarsgården’s journey towards new heights, with great enthusiasm!


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