VisBook and DigitalGuest launch two-way integration to take hotel operations to the next level

Posted on: 13/04/23

VisBook and DigitalGuest launch two-way integration to take hotel operations to the next level

VisBook and DigitalGuest have just launched a two-way integration, taking automated hotel operations to the next level. Less manual work, an automated upselling process and better use of resources are just a few of the benefits!

We are thrilled to be able to announce a two-way integration between VisBook PMS and DigitalGuest. While VisBook integrates all parts of the hotel ­­– such as booking, cleaning, spa, restaurant, and accounting ­­– into one user-friendly and scalable system, DigitalGuest creates amazing digital guest experiences. Their web application enables hotels to reduce the use of paper, automate communication, and increase revenue. By combining the power of these two software systems, hotels can enhance their guest experience and improve operational efficiency.

Now it is even easier for hotels to use VisBook with DigitalGuest

From now on, DigitalGuest will not only receive all the booking data from VisBook but also send data back to VisBook regarding bookings which are made in the DigitalGuest-platform. This will streamline the process of managing bookings which are made via DigitalGuest and ensure that they are automatically added to the guest’s bill.

Fully automated guest journey and hotel operations

The original integration between VisBook and DigitalGuest allows DigitalGuest to borrow all the booking data in order to personalise and automate the digital guest journey. Before, during and after the stay, you can send out automated and segmented e-mails and text messages based on the guest’s room type or rate code. Plus, you can offer the guests exclusive deals, such as room upgrades, parking services and breakfast packages, both prior to and after their stay.

Taking automation to the next level

Upselling deals are key when it comes to increasing average spending per guest and boosting revenue, but this is often combined with a lot of manual work for the hotel. But not anymore. With this new two-way integration, we have automated the process of managing and receiving bookings coming in through DigitalGuest, whether via an upselling email or the platform itself. This means that when your guest makes a booking via DigitalGuest, it will be added directly to the guest’s bill.

Would you like to improve your hotel operations with the help of VisBook and DigitalGuest?

Book a demo with VisBook’s sales team. They will be happy to show you the system and its benefits based on your needs, as well as how the digital guest experience can seamlessly be connected with your property management system.

Are you already a customer of VisBook? Contact our customer support and they will help you get started with creating a personalised, digital guest experience.

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