You couldn’t get any closer to the sea… Welcome to Salt & Sill!

Posted on: 24/11/20

You couldn’t get any closer to the sea… Welcome to Salt & Sill!

The name Salt & Sill gives you a good indication of what to expect when you visit us. While visiting Klädesholmen you will encounter a comforting closeness to the sea and whispers of Swedish fishing history. The fact that this popular restaurant has chosen to focus on herring is no coincidence, being that herring is a classic element of Sweden’s culinary history, especially in this storied region. Also, when you choose to stay at Salt & Sill, you will have stayed in the first floating hotel in all of Sweden.

In the summer, the popular west coast gem of Klädesholmen attracts an impressive number of visitors. But the low season is also very busy with plenty of conference guests who come to draw strength and inspiration from this fantastic coastal environment. Åsa Liljedahl Bagge is the operations manager at Salt & Sill and describes the business as a large enterprise built up of smaller important components:

“Since we have a restaurant, a hotel, conference facilities and also offer various recreational activities, we attract visitors all year round. We as an enterprise try to have a wide view of all this, to create engagement and participation with our guests. As an example, you can actually bring in your own herring and participate in one of our cooking classes, you can paddle a kayak in the surrounding ocean, or do one of many of other things”, Åsa says.

How Salt & Sill is handling the corona crisis

As we all know, the current corona situation has put much pressure on modern society. Salt & Sill has made a variety of adaptations to ensure safety and security to our guests.

“We work with safe conference measures and a safe lodging philosophy. In the restaurant we have adapted by ensuring safe distancing and following recommended operational health guidelines. We try to think ahead and adapt the business to what our situation is today. Despite these new realities, there is still a need to meet and enjoy life, so we make sure that we offer a safe way to do that” Åsa says.

This year will be an unusual one for all of us. Traditions and other events have to be cancelled or be carried out in very different ways. At Salt & Sill we aim to create a warm, welcoming Christmas spirit as we always have, but this year things will have to be a little different.

“For Christmas, we still want to create a wonderful Christmas atmosphere. Instead of a traditional Christmas dinner, we have arranged for the buffet to come directly to your table. This has several advantages in addition to the reduced risk of infection; your group sits together all the time, and are served your dinner — which is not always the case during traditional Christmas dinners, where it seems that someone is always up and about. You get to share lovely peaceful moments together at a table filled with wonderful Christmas goodies,” Åsa continues.

In Salt & Sill’s customer communication, they have endeavoured to inform guests of the actions they are taking. On their website you can get information on the measures they are taking to ensure a safe visit for all of their guests.

West coast peace and tranquility

Whether you are at a conference, or you are a summer or weekend guest, Åsa gives her tips on what you absolutely must not miss on a visit to Klädesholmen:

“You live right on the sea, so you really must take the time to enjoy it. Take the opportunity to appreciate the nature, the ocean, and of course take a walk on Klädesholmen itself. The quaint narrow alleys, the fishing community, it is all very idyllic. And it goes without saying that you must not miss the herring,” Åsa continues.

With a great focus on the well-being of the guests, cuisine of very high quality, and the soothing sensations of the floating hotel, Salt & Sill is rightfully a place on many people’s bucket lists. No matter what time of year you choose to visit the resort, Åsa assures us that it is very much worth experiencing:

“Weekends are great for private individuals to just come and relax. If you’re looking for peace and quiet, you’ve come to the right place. In the summer there are many families, and there is so much to do just around the corner. Fishing for crabs for example! I’d say late summer is a fantastic time to visit. In autumn, when it has started to calm down a bit it is very peaceful and beautiful. And in winter on the sparkling clear days, the experience of a visit here is absolutely unbeatable!”, says Åsa.

VisBook and Salt & Sill

We are proud to deliver a PMS system that helps Åsa and her colleagues deliver a good guest experience, all year round.

“The strength of VisBook is to have an overall system that covers everything we need it to do. It’s a serious advantage to have everything in one place. It increases our efficiency and our consistency. VisBook is also very easy to work with, not too complicated at all. I spend a lot of time in the POS features of VisBook, as I often work in the restaurant. I think that the kitchen lists are very good, they allow us to very easily follow the guest”, says Åsa.

At a facility like Salt & Sill, it is important to have a good understanding of the other departments in the enterprise so that you can help create the best guest experience possible.

“With a business like ours, you depend on everyone knowing a little bit about each of the components. With VisBook you can easily view each of the different departments, giving you an understanding of all the components of the business. Each team members’ function becomes very visual and accessible,” Åsa concludes.

Thank you Salt & Sill for choosing us as a supplier of your business’ PMS system. And finally, Åsa’s favorite herring dish is ‘matjessill’, and it is highly recommended that you try it!

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