Welcome to Sweden’s oldest hotel

Posted on: 11/03/20

Welcome to Sweden’s oldest hotel

Each hotel has its own unique atmosphere and history, but very few hotels have a history like Hotel Continental du Sud’s, Sweden’s oldest hotel. We had the opportunity to dive deeper into Continental du Sud’s business and legacy. Jenny Nilsson, hotel manager and co-owner says that the ambition is always to create personal moments with each guest throughout the entire process. “We are not the biggest, and not the smallest, so it means that we have time for all of our guests,” says Jenny. 

As early as 1814, the restoration of the old house that stood on the Continental property began, and it was initially an inn. In the early 1800s, Ystad was Sweden’s most important port city, a history and legacy that deserved to be preserved. So when the new owners started the most recent renovation in 2015, it was important to keep elements from the hotel’s history and atmosphere. A perfect mix of old and new, where candlelight and idyllic coziness characterize the autumn and winter months. These touches and this atmosphere have been very much appreciated by the guests.

Today the hotel is very suitable for conference guests in addition to holiday travelers. It is located right in the center of Ystad, and the hotel’s restaurant –Brasserie– cooks delectable food and is very popular.

“The Beef Tartar is not to be missed! It’s my favorite”, says Jenny.

With ‘Brasserie’ as a neighbor, it is easy and convenient for conference guests, with just a few short steps between professional lectures and fantastic food in wonderfully historic surroundings.

The hotel has used VisBook as a PMS (property management system) ever since the new owners took over in 2015. One of the main reasons why they chose VisBook was that it is cloud-based. “It is important for us to have good integrations, first and foremost with our accounting system, Fortnox, which is also cloud-based”, Jenny continues.

A PMS system quickly becomes the heart of most hotel businesses as all employees interact with the system in one way or another. This is no different at the Continental du Sud.

“Our housekeeping department uses the VisBook app to immediately update the status of rooms when they are cleaned and ready for new guests, and also to quickly notify the maintenance department of things that need to be fixed or repaired. When it comes to logistics, VisBook is very flexible”, says hotel manager Jenny.

In the spring, the owners will open another historic hotel just 400 meters from the Continental du Sud, to complement what they can offer guests. The hotel is called Fritiden and is being built on the old swimming pool premises. This will be a fantastic space and it also opens up the possibilities for other events.

“We will be able to say that we have a conference hall where all kinds of events can take place, everything from standup comedy to conferences and why not a concert?”, Jenny Nilsson continues.

The future looks bright for Ystad, which is now receiving a new subsidy in its city center. We at VisBook are very happy and proud that Hotel Fritiden has also chosen to use VisBook.

“It is a good testament to how happy we are with VisBook, when we also choose it at our new hotel”, Jenny concludes.

Thank you Hotel Continental du Sud and Hotel Fritiden for choosing us as a hotel system supplier.




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