Self-check-in – smart technology that enhances your guests’ experience

Posted on: 29/03/21

Self-check-in – smart technology that enhances your guests’ experience

Digital solutions are becoming increasingly common in the hospitality industry, due in large part to the Corona pandemic. Self-check-in at hotels and campsites can help reduce human contact and protect guests and staff while people are at a given facility. In addition, this is a safety measure that can increase guests’ trust in your business. In fact, the benefits of self-check-in are numerous and extend well beyond the pandemic.

Through an automated check-in process, hotel businesses can save both time and money while actually enhancing the guest experience. VisBook collaborates with several partners who offer smart technology that allows guests to check-in on their own. The integration for self-check-in is seamlessly linked to the PMS system and helps simplify the hotel’s everyday operation. At the same time, your guests will experience a smooth check-in process, with less waiting time and better service.

Five benefits of self-check-in:

1. Reduce queues and waiting times – and make a better first impression!

Avoid guests being greeted by long queues and waiting times when arriving at the hotel. When guests can use self-check-in, the queues are reduced and those who want to can still get assistance from hotel staff. This way, you ensure that guests receive a positive first impression and have a smooth check-in process. Self-check-in is even more beneficial for large groups or conferences where many people need to check in at the same time. This saves a lot of time, both for the hotel staff and for your guests.

2. Save time and money

When the guest manages their own check-in, you save time and resources on administration. The time-consuming work of taking care of check-in, check-out and distribution of keys is significantly reduced. In addition, PIN codes or digital keys can be used to provide access to the room, and then you do not have to spend time dealing with lost key cards. Hotel staff save a lot of time that can instead be spent on performing tasks that improve efficiency and your guests’ experience.

3. Focus on your guests

Using an automated check-in process, you will save a lot of time that you can use instead on ensuring a good guest experience for your customers. With less administrative work, hotel staff can pay more attention to guests and offer personalized service. Why not take the time to ask if the guest has any special requests, tell them about the activities in the area or suggest the best dishes in the hotel restaurant? A few minutes of conversation can help the guest feel extra well-received and choose to return to the hotel for more good service in the future.

4. Manage your business remotely

Self-check-in can be used as a completely digital solution, which means that you do not have to be at the facility when the guest arrives. This can be extra convenient for smaller hotel businesses that do not have staff on site around the clock. The guest receives a PIN code or digital key to enter the room and a telephone number can be provided if the guest needs help or has questions. This may also mean less time pressure for the guest, who can then arrive at the hotel when it best suits them, instead of adhering to strict check-in rules. This already creates a positive experience, where the guest is in focus.

5. Self-check-in is environmentally friendly

Since digital keys can be used for self-check-in, the use of plastic cards and keys is minimized, which is better for our planet. Sustainability awareness is increasing among travelers and this gives you an opportunity to highlight your company’s own environmental awareness.

Get started with self-check-in

Are you curious about how VisBook and self-check-in work? Book a demo with one of our sales people. They will be happy to show you the system and its benefits based on your needs, and how self-check-in is smoothly and easily linked to the PMS system.

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