The hotel booking system VisBook gets a brand-new look

Posted on: 27/05/20

The hotel booking system VisBook gets a brand-new look

When VisBook, the supplier of the Property Management System (PMS) obtained new owners in early 2019, the work of creating a new business strategy was begun. In 2020, VisBook celebrates its 25th anniversary, and in connection with this a new brand platform and a new visual identity is being launched. “It was time for an upgrade of the company’s visual presentation to clarify what VisBook now represents in 2020 “, says Øystein Selbekk, general manager and founder of VisBook.  




We are a very effective SaaSsolution that has focused on the product for many years, and we now have the opportunity to give some extra love to VisBook’s brand identity. With this new identity, we have been able to bring out the essence of our business both visually and in terms of tonality,” says Erica Salonius, marketing manager at VisBook.  

The new identity shows why hotels, campsites and other businesses in the tourism industry choose VisBook. Throughout this process, the focus has been on moving away from technical terms and replacing them with communication related to the fun and more important things in the tourism industry. The new logo and colors radiate confidence, and the symbol’s historical significance can follow us into the future.  

The logo symbolizes the meeting between the VisBook business user and the guest, and also symbolizes how VisBook’s PMSsystem gives companies a stronger foundation to grow on. Ever since the beginning, VisBook has endeavoured to give companies time to look the guest in the eye. As an example, consider receptionist not having the time to properly engage with a customer as the system she uses is inefficient at check-in. It should not take more than 10 seconds to checkin a guest,” says Øystein Selbekk.  

Less admin. More fun. That is VisBook’s main message. Working in the service industry, we want our customers to have time for what they are passionate about. It is this little extra that inspires a guest to give first-rate feedback, and we want to provide you with time for this little extra,” adds Erica Salonius.  

VisBook is gaining increasing market share in Sweden and the rest of the Nordic region. Branding is therefore crucial for VisBook’s continued expansion and this philosophy spans the entire business. During the year, the PMSprovider will also launch its new website making it easier for customers to identify their needs and see how VisBook can help them. 

We are very proud of the new launch and want to show the outside world that despite 25 years in the marketplace, we are the leader in tourism technology in the Nordics,” concludes Øystein Selbekk.  


Erica Salonius


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