Web agencies Liquid and Haus are new partners to VisBook

Posted on: 22/12/21

Web agencies Liquid and Haus are new partners to VisBook

In order to offer customers a fully integrated solution for online booking, VisBook has partnered up with web agencies Liquid and Haus. The new partners offer a tailor-made online booking function that becomes part of the hotel’s own website, whilst also being directly connected to VisBook PMS.

With the fully integrated solution, the online booking takes place directly on the hotel’s website. This is a key difference compared to our regular booking solution, which redirects to an external site.

“This is an ideal solution for hospitality businesses that want 100% seamless integration, where the booking path and the website become fully merged”, says Øystein Selbekk, CEO at VisBook.

The integrated online booking solution makes it easier for hotel guests to book their stay, dinner reservations and activities – without having to leave the hotel’s website. Moreover, through the partnership with web development agencies Liquid and Haus, the design and functionality of the online booking solution can be fully customised based on the business’ requirements.

The benefits of a fully integrated online booking solution

An integrated online booking function makes it easier for hotel guests to book with you, so that you can maximize the number of direct bookings. Additionally, the look and feel of your booking process will be more consistent and reflect your brand throughout.

Another benefit of having the booking system directly implemented on your website is the ability to easily track conversions and measure performance. It enables you to easily automate marketing campaigns based on the site visitors’ behaviour, and thus target your advertising for a more cost-effective marketing strategy.

At the same time, the integrated booking system is seamlessly connected to VisBook PMS for simple and smooth business management.

Agencies with extensive expertise

The team at Liquid are based in Barcelona, and work with customers and partners globally. They are specialised in creating and developing digital products. Through careful analysis, and prototype testing with real users, they build websites and apps that make a difference.

“To us, user experience is key in every project we build. Being able to design a bespoke online booking process, connected to VisBook and integrated into our clients’ websites, allows us to offer the best booking experience for the end user while our clients can easily manage their business from VisBook PMS”, says Xavi Valero, Product Manager & Partner at Liquid.

The Norwegian full-service agency Haus has over 20 years’ experience. They work both creatively and strategically within web development and marketing. In addition to building modern and user-friendly websites, they have strong expertise within business development, design, digital marketing, and content production.

“Our team at Haus have developed a bespoke solution for VisBook users, which makes it easier for your customers to book their stay and activities – without leaving your website”, says Rune Eng, CEO and project manager at Haus.

Get started with integrated online booking

Do you want a booking system that is integrated to your website and connected to your PMS, whilst also getting the opportunity to develop a customised website? Book a demo with VisBook’s sales team, and they will explain how you get started. If you are already a VisBook customer, contact our customer support and they will put you in contact with our partners.

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