The will to fight on, and an enduring spirit in a special time

Posted on: 08/12/20

The will to fight on, and an enduring spirit in a special time

Whether you are looking for a quiet time of reflection in a hot springs pool, or an unforgettable conference with related activities (or possibly both!), Hotel Mossbylund proudly offers a facility that is suitable for nearly all occasions and guests. Welcome to Mossbylund where you will enjoy fresh ocean air, complementary activities and a wonderful spa on the south coast of Swedish Skåne!

Since 2002, the hotel has been under the same ownership and has developed over the years in accordance with our guests’ wishes. Today, Mossbylund has room for 90 overnight guests and can offer you 7 different conference rooms. Even with the significant expansion and growth, the hotel has managed to retain its intimate atmosphere, and that is precisely why guests return.

How is Mossbylund handling the corona crisis

In the spring of 2020, the hotel went from having a year-round occupancy of 96% to a much lower capacity of 48% in April. Ingrid Svensson, CEO of Hotell Mossbylund explains how the pandemic made them change their way of thinking:

“Virtually all conferences were canceled in two days and the private bookings disappeared completely. We adopted a new philosophy: 50 is the new 100. And we told each other that 50% occupancy equals full occupancy ”

As with most companies in the tourism industry, Hotel Mossbylund was hit hard and suddenly. Almost right away, the employees at Mossbylund began to think differently in order to make the best of the situation.

“Our automatic reaction was that by the afternoon of March 11, we more or less disregarded all normal cancellation rules. This applied to both incoming and existing bookings, both private ones and group conferences. We did not book any more conferences during the spring, but at the beginning of August, bookings resumed as normal. This was largely due to our generous handling of cancellations, which is something we will continue to do throughout the pandemic. In addition, buffets were removed immediately to avoid queues. This has meant much more work and higher staff costs, but is very important for our guests’ health and safety. We will continue to work in this regard ” says Ingrid.

Hotel Mossbylund is as much a local favorite as a tourist destination in beautiful Scania. By taking a look at Mossbylund on social media and visiting their website, you get a strong feeling that this is a hotel where the staff is very passionate about their workplace. Ingrid talks about the strong commitment from both guests and staff:

“Local guests showed up when the crisis was at its worst and their care and attention affected us greatly. Gift certificates were purchased. Training cards were purchased. There were coffee visits. Food was delivered. And suddenly there was a request for waffle sales outdoors during the first sunny rays of spring. Many buckets of waffle batter were made that weekend. We did everything we could to keep things moving. I had a fear that we could lose our momentum and the enthusiasm we have every day, but all of this put that fear to rest. The staff’s belief in us meant so much. ”

The situation going forward is uncertain, but Hotell Mossbylund demonstrates the will to fight and perseverance. Feel free to visit their website or follow them on social media for some inspiration.

Spa mossbylund

Mossbylund and VisBook

Anne Vallmark has been booking manager at Mossbylund for seven years and has been involved since Mossbylund decided to change the PMS system to VisBook. They have been using VisBook for about four years and Anne feels that the simplicity of the system saves them a lot of time.

“VisBook is very straightforward and you can easily see the capacity of the hotel. Using simple steps, I can specify and create reports that save me a lot of time”, says Anne.

With all the time saved, Mossbylund has more time for its guests and time to improve the hotel. The guests often combine several activities during a stay, so it is important that the activities also develop together with the rest of the business. Whatever the reason for the stay, Anne says that all guests sooner or later end up in the heart of the hotel, the restaurant.

“Our fantastic menu is prepared with love and with locally produced ingredients. We are also extra proud of our own special beer ’Mossbylundarens Magiska’, which is produced in collaboration with Hönsinge Hantwerksbryggeri. This is a light beer with a touch of elderflower”, continues Anne.

Hotell Mossbylund also uses VisBook’s table reservation solution to further enhance the business. We are proud to be a PMS supplier to Hotell Mossbylund and look forward to several exciting years together.

If you are curious and would like to read a little more about Mossbylund, then follow this link:


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